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Matthew Shares his Thoughts about Bin Laden and Celebrations

May 3rd, 2011

by Steve

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Father: I read with pride Matthew’s tweets talking about what it means to be a young college student, having been thrust into the “real world” with the realization that terror struck here, at home.  He writes as a young man, having grown up in a military family with that particular set of experiences and emotions.

Please, read what he wrote, and share your thoughts as well.





SpreadHDGFX Matthew Brady

For those questioning the appropriateness of the celebrations on Sunday night, especially at PSU, keep in mind that many of us were In middle school. Those were the most impressionable days of our lives. It completely changed our lives and views. This is the theme of our lives that we will have to deal with throughout. It start at our young age and this is a stepping stone of progress. This is us celebrating and letting the world know that past generations put us here to begin with, and we WILL take care of it.

To @map408psu
I remember sitting in my bed in our house on base housing in Ohio and looking out the window hearing planes and that was the first moment that I ever had fears about the unknown in the world. It was the first I had ever had thoughts of “terrorism.” I remember having a dream of a car pulling up in front of our house and exploding while I was outside playing.

To @honeydo

but also remember fear of the unknown is great, and many of us were even more confused than many Americans. I heard sonic booms as jets took off and I remember the seeing the fear in kids eyes as they couldn’t see their military parents, many couldn’t even get home because they lived on base. That was just what I saw at my schools too. Now I’m not saying any of this to say your scenario was less impressionable as an individual. I’m saying that for those kids, and now college kids, it is the first experience of true fear that we had. We instantly jolted into a reality that a lot weren’t ready for and that all have had to embrace. Now we will deal with it for our whole lives. We will never have a decade like the 90s. (and when I say that I mean we never truly knew what it was like before, only a glimpse that now becomes a myth to us).

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Wallpapers now for sale!

March 5th, 2011

by Steve

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We are now offering Matt’s wallpapers for only $.99. Feel free to buy one, or ask him to create one special, just for you! If you would prefer, and have already gotten some, you can always leave a donation.

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Sports Clothing

March 4th, 2011

by Steve

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I suspect it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Matthew and I are big sports fans. (Of course, Matthew is far more active in sports than I.) So when I read about this line of sports “moisture wicking” clothing I wanted to just provide a quick link, and let you all find out about it for yourselves. The company is “Wickers Sportswear“, and they offer a full line of high performance and warmth performance products.   And for a short time, we have been able to help you save 10% OFF All Products! Use code: Wear10.

Good luck, and let us know what you think of the products!

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Kevin Newsome–PSU Quarterback (WallPaper)

April 16th, 2010

by Steve

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Created by Matthew Brady, SpreadHDGFX (Spread HD Graphics). Follow Matthew on Twitter as @spreadhdgfx

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Snow? CV THON Rolls On!

February 25th, 2010

by Steve

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We have been bracing here on the North-Eastern seaboard of the United States for what some have taken to labeling the “Snowicane” that is coming which some said would make our previous Snowmageddon pale in comparison. The true “blizzard of ’10” is said to bring large amounts of snow to many areas, and extremely high winds creating near blizzard conditions for even areas with limited snow accumulations.

The THON Team at Cumberland Valley >are not afraid. They have been planning and working, and fund-raising, year round, anticipating their “big event.” They apparently also have an “in” with God. In looking at the weather maps, and they way the storm will swirl about Pennsylvania, it appears our portion of South-Central PA will emerge relatively unscathed and, more importantly, with no school cancellations that would have a negating effect on CV THON.

[

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